Translation Forum Russia 2020 Results

Translation Forum Russia 2020 extends gratitude to all its participants!

Translation Forum Russia once again established itself on a national level as an open platform where you can regularly share experience and discuss the most vital questions of the industry!

 Translation Forum Russia 2020 came to an end. Over 2 days, 3 thematic tracks were working in the new format. This year, the Organizing Committee, apart from the industry leaders, included Taliya Minullina, Head of Tatarstan Investment Development Agency, Government Member of the Republic of Tatarstan. The programme was eventful and diverse as usual, with Tatar Language Section being its highlight. Translation from/to Russia indigenous peoples’ languages has been part of the forum for three years. Tatar Language Section came to be a record-breaker this year in terms of viewership, and the end of the section was marked by chak-chak cooking master class.

Meanwhile, after traditional TFR market analysis by Konstantin Dranch, even brilliant sense of humour of the moderators, Leonid Glazychev, Logrus IT CEO, and Alexey Shesterikov, Awatera CEO, could not stop heated debates over the price dumping issue among the panel participants – Olga Kanenkova, President of Association of Procurement Management Experts, and Elena Rembovskaya, PI Cifrum Language Support Provider, GC Rosatom.

Over two days, Telemice platform broadcasted 122 live presentations from all across the globe. Most of them were highly interesting and up to date. According to the summary of the event, made by Eventicious mobile app, some presentations resonated the most with the listeners. Among them: “PEMT Benchmarking Analysis: European and Russian Customers and Post-Editors” by Svetlana Svetova, “Market of 2020 – First-Hand Analysis” by Konstantin Dranch, “Proactive Client Searching or How to Survive in Crisis” by Dmitriy Pavlov and “How to Write a Compelling Translator Resume” by Nikita Gusyatnikov.

Participants of roundtable discussion “Is Leadership Synergy Possible?” came to the conclusion that they should continue this debate under the auspices of TFR. This day also featured Clash of RSI Titans, which ended with the victory of Interactio team.

One of the main TFR missions is to consolidate the translation community and establish new business relations. These relations often develop into long-term cooperation, giving rise to new projects and alliances. The sponsor of the forum, TranslationRating, provided a brand-new feature this year – online networking on Remo digital platform.

We are grateful to our sponsors and partners: STAR Group companies, Alisa TMS and also to Literra for arranging an online quest in Kazan.

Russian and English are the two traditional TFR languages. This year, interpreting was possible due to the efforts of Speakus remote interpreting platform and the team of voluntary interpreters.

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Once again, we highly appreciate all volunteers, speakers, moderators and participants! Thank you and see you in 2021!

Translation Forum Russia 2020 speakers’ presentations 

Technology Track

Elke Fuchs, STAR Group: CLM WebEdit: A new STAR in Corporate Language Management.

Gary Lefman, Cisco: Large Scale Continuous Localisation Design.

Translation and Interpreting Track

Orlando Chiarello: Simplified Technical English.