GOLDEN SPONSOR — Positive technologies

Positive Technologies is the market leader in effective cybersecurity. The company is a leading developer of products, solutions and services that help detect and prevent cyberattacks before they cause unacceptable damage to businesses and entire industries. Our technologies are used by more than 3,300 organizations worldwide, including 80% of “Expert-400” companies. Positive Technologies is the first and only cybersecurity company on the Moscow Exchange (MOEX: POSI) and has more than 170,000 shareholders.

The company pays special attention to texts and languages. This expertise is concentrated in the Information Support Department. It employs more than 40 specialists: localization engineers, translators, technical writers, editors, project managers and content architects. They regularly share their experience with the professional community, organize their own events and participate in industry conferences.

For many years Positive Technologies team goes hand in hand with Translation Forum Russia, and 2023 is no exception. Irina Rybnikova, Head of Department, is a member of the program committee of the conference, participates in the formation of the technological flow and will moderate the discussions in this area. And the company’s experts will once again share real experience and practices.

See you soon!