Excursions around Ural

Dear partucipants of the Forum, we are pleased to offer you excursions to the Urals. Admire the beautiful nature, magnificent culture and distinctive architecture of our region! You can buy all the tours together or choose any of them. Payment is possible from your personal account or in a bus if there are seats available. All excursions are provided with a guide. Transport, lunch and drinking water are included.

The destination points of each tour will be airport Koltsovo and Ramada Hotel.

You can ask Alena Bezrukova all questions connected with excursions by phone: +7 912 288 32 91  or email alena.bezrukova@gmail.com

August 27, Monday. Olenyi Ruchyi (Deer Creek) Nature Park


Olenyi Ruchyi Nature Park is located in the southwest of the Sverdlovsk region, in the picturesque ancient river Serga valley. You will have an active three-hour walk in the Nature Park.

The main treasures of the Park are forests. On the territory of the Park there are up to 800 species of plants, facilitated by the location of the Park — on the border of the forest-steppe and mountain taiga. The fauna is typical for taiga and forest-steppe zones: on the trails you can find traces of bear, wild boar, elk, roe deer. On the river and its tributaries there are beavers building their dams, on the cliffs there are peregrine falcons nesting, and in the river Serga there are chub and grayling.

Numerous karst formations are points of particular interest in the Park. Many of the caves are paleozoological and historical monuments. Paleontological and archaeological excavations are conducted here, places where ancient people stay more than 15 thousand years ago are discovered. You can see rock paintings in the caves. One of these drawings, a deer, became the emblem of the Park.

“Mitkin mine” is located in the distant part of the Park. It is natural and historical open air Museum, representing human economic activity in the era of the Demidov – “iron kings” of the Urals XVIII-XIX centuries.

On the way to that amazing natural miracle we will make one stop at the obelisk on the border of Europe and Asia.


8.50- guide’s meeting with the group

9.00- departure

10.00- visit to the obelisk on the border of Europe and Asia

10.30- departure to the Olenyi Ruchyi (Deer Creek) Nature Park

11.30 – arrival to the Olenyi Ruchyi Nature Park, lunch in the Park

12.30- 3-hour tour in the Park

15.30- group gathering

15.45- departure to Ekaterinburg

17.00- arrival to Ekaterinburg

17.30 – airport Koltsovo

18.00 – Ramada Hotel

Price: 2000 rubles

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August 28, Tuesday. The emerald mines of the Urals.

A trip to the deposit of emeralds with an experienced guide-geologist.

Ural is a unique mountainous region with beautiful nature, fascinating landscapes, distinctive flora and fauna and rich mineral resources. In the Urals there are more than 20 natural and mineralogical reserves. Among them are the world-famous Emerald mines of the Urals.

Such gemstones as emerald, alexandrite and phenakite brought glory of the Emerald mines, which is a group of deposits located 110 km from Ekaterinburg. The place of first discovery of emeralds in Russia is the Sretensky mine, near the river Tokovaya.

Ural emerald mines are known all over the world. Famous historical rocks “Kochubei Emerald” and ” Kokovin Emerald” were found here. Alexandrites were firstly found here, too. During the Great Patriotic War a strategically important mineral beryl was extracted on the Emerald mines for producing beryllium bronze. It was used to manufacture ultra strong armor of Soviet tanks and aircraft.

During the excursion at first you will visit the unique Bazhenov mine, which has expanded significantly in the process of asbestos extraction, and then Sretensky and Mariinsky emerald deposits, which are the most important and well-known deposits of the Emerald mines. Together with the geologist you will learn how to work with a geological hammer, mine minerals, make a collection. An exciting master class for flushing the rock containing beryl will be held on Sretensky Deposit.

It will be possible to show creative abilities and to feel like Danila-master in a stone-cutting workshop. Here you will see the stages of processing the ornamental stone. Master stone cutter will hold a lesson on making a souvenir of natural stone with your own hands. Under the guidance of the craftsman you will be ripping off, sanding, polishing and gluing a stone. During the trip, an experienced guide will tell you the history of Emerald mines discovery and the most famous unique findings of emeralds and alexandrites in the mining history. During the tour you can buy souvenirs and natural stone products.


8.50- guide’s meeting with the group

9.00- departure

10.30- town of Asbest, Bazhenovskoe Deposit

11.30- Visiting the place of the first emerald discovery in Russia, v. Malyshev

12.50- Visiting the observation deck of the Mariinsky mine

13.20- lunch in a cafe

14.10- Visit to the Mariinsky dumps field

16.00- Visit to the workshop for gemstone raw materials processing

17.10 – transfer to Ekaterinburg

18.40- Arrival to Ekaterinburg

19.00 – airport Koltsovo

19.30 – Ramada Hotel

Price: 2450 rubles

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August 29, Wednesday. “The Military Glory of the Urals” Verkhnyaya Pyshma.

We suggest you to plunge into history of creation and development of automobile and military equipment which will be colorfully illustrated by the Museum of UMMC located in the satellite city of Yekaterinburg – Verkhnyaya Pyshma. The Museum has collected and continues to collect interesting historical samples of military and civil equipment. During the tour you will get acquainted with examples of armored vehicles and unique foreign aircraft supplied to the USSR under lend-lease. Here you can see the legendary tanks of the 1930s – T-26 and BT-7, “Katyusha” crawler – BM-8-24 and the Yak-3, “Aerocobra” and “Kittyhawk”, which were vehicles of the Soviet aces. The Museum also presents an exhibition dedicated to the military history of the Urals, a pearl of which is a collection of awards, uniforms and weapons.

In the outdoor area there is one of the world’s finest collections of Soviet military vehicles. The tour is dedicated primarily to the military equipment that was in service of the Red Army during the Great Patriotic War. Visitors will have the opportunity to see a collection of T-34 tanks of different modifications, the model of the T-35 heavy tank, which impresses with its size and formidable weapons, as well as powerful Soviet self-propelled guns –  ISU-152 “beast killer”, which were produced in the Urals.

Here you will get acquainted with the development of Russian tank construction: from the creation of Soviet tanks to their baptism of fire and world recognition. During the tour you will see rare exhibits — the first Soviet tank T-18 and light antiaircraft tank T-90, which have never been produced in series. These fighting vehicles were created in a single copy.

During the tour you will see samples of military equipment, take pictures, hold in your hands models of small arms (Mosin rifle, submachine gun PPSH), try on samples of equipment and uniforms of the Red Army during the Great Patriotic War, learn how to properly adjust the equipment and tie a duffel, visit the interactive lesson dedicated to the Kursk battle.

If you have a look of the exhibition hall of automotive technology, you will learn how once outlandish, bulky and exotic means of transportation has become a safe, convenient and the most common mode of transport. Within the framework of this tour, special attention is paid to the domestic automobile industry, which has passed through some difficulties, but also had a lot of really bright pages in its history. The guide will mention the development of other means of transport: motorcycle, water and air.

On the way back to Ekaterinburg we will make a stop in the place of the most dramatic events of our country — in the tract Ganina Yama. That was the place, where the bodies of members of the royal family of Nicholas II as well as their faithful servants were brought to destroy from the Ipatievsky house of Ekaterinburg in July 1918.


8.50- guide’s meeting with the group

9.00- departure

09.40- visit to the Museum of military equipment and the open area of combat vehicles of the great Patriotic war

11.10- Interactive part

12.30- Lunch

13.30- Visit to the Museum of civil engineering

14.30- Departure from Verkhnyaya Pyshma

15.00- Visit to Ganina Yama

16.00- Departure to Ekaterinburg

17.00- Arrival to Ekaterinburg

17.30 – airport Koltsovo

18.00 – Ramada Hotel

Price: 2000 rubles

To pay for the tour “The Military Glory of the Urals” you need to log in to your personal account, select the name of the tour, put down the number of participants and then proceed to the “Orders”.