Draft Programme

Programme TFR 2020

August 21, Friday
Business Track Technology Track Language Sections
09.00 – 10.00
Morning coffee from Translation Rating. Networking Session.

10.00 – 11.00
TFR 2020 Opening Session.
Moderator: Elena Kislova, Business-Bureau of the Association of Interpreters, Chair of the TFR Organizing Committee.

Welcome addresses from organizers.
Taliya Minullina, Head of Tatarstan Investment Development Agency, Government Member of the Republic of Tatarstan; 
Diana Sabirova, Director of Higher School of Foreign Languages and Translation Studies Institute of International relations of Kazan (Volga region) Federal University;
Kevin Quirk, President of the International Federation of Translators;

11.00 – 12.00
Moderator: Elena Kislova, Business-Bureau of the Association of Interpreters, Chair of the TFR Organizing Committee.

Renato Beninatto, Nimdzi Insights: The Strategies of New Reality; 
Linda Pereira, CPL Events: The New Reality of Communication & Events; 
Olga Egorova, MSLU: Translator/Interpreter in a Digital World – How to survive.

12.00-13.00 Market of 2020 – First-Hand Analysis. Future Expectations.
Moderator: Konstantin Dranch.

13.00-14.10 Panel Discussion. How to prepare for the Post-Doomsday. PART I.
Moderators: Alexey Shesterikov, Awatera;  Leonid Glazychev, Logrus IT. 

Olga Kanenkova, Association of Procurement Management Experts;
Elena Rembovskaya, Rosatom.

14.10- 14.30 Q&A Session – group discussions.

14.30-15.40 Panel Discussion. How to prepare for the Post-Doomsday. PART II.
Moderators: Alexey Shesterikov, Awatera;  Leonid Glazychev, Logrus IT. 

Ivan Smolnicov, Smartcat;
Irina Rybnikova, Positive Technologies.

15.40-16.00 Q&A Session – group discussions.

Moderators: Anastasia Starovoytova-Intse, Pravo i Slovo, Svetlana Vasyanina, RTT.

16.00-16.45 Aleksandr EvsyukovYulia Tulinova, Apriori: Growing Pains. How to Grow a Translation Company.

16.45-17.30 Pavel Sivozhelezov, Vtoroy Pilot: Making a Success Oriented Team.

Moderator: Irina Rybnikova, Positive Technologies.

12.00-12.30 Jaap van der Meer, TAUS: The Importance of Data in MT Processes and Data Marketplace.

12.30-13.00 Elke Fuchs, STAR Group:
CLM WebEdit: A new STAR in Corporate Language Management.

Moderator: Anton Voronov, Smartcat.

13.00-13.20 Natalia Rudinskaya, Janus Worldwide: Platforms for Business Process Management: Outward Glance.

13.20-13.40 Vladimir TsvetkovValeria Sheremetova, Awatera: The Voice of Reason: Adequate Assessment in Voice-over.

13.40-14.00 Renat Bikmatov, Logrus Global: All-Inclusive Cutting-Edge Technologies for Companies’ Translation Departments.

Moderator: Anton Voronov, Smartcat.

14.00-14.20 Vitaliy Platkovskiy, Alisa TMS:
Efficient Organization of Remote Work in Translation Agencies. The Way to Increase Profits Regularly.

14.20-14.40 Vitaliy Chevela, Smartcat/GTMK:
Proactive Client Searching or How to Survive in Crisis.

14.40-15.00 Pavel LapushkinAnna Reznichenko, belingua.ru: Translation Service Consumers and Their On-line Portrait.

 Irina Rybnikova, Positive Technologies.

15.00-16.00 Svetlana Svetova, T-Service: PEMT Benchmarking Analysis: European and Russian Customers and Post-Editors.

16.00-17.30 Round Table: “Where is the Money, Honey? Transition to MT”.
Moderators: Konstantin Dranch, Alex Leshchinskiy.

12.00-12.10 Moderator: Taliya Minullina, Head of Tatarstan Investment Development Agency, Government Member of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Opening remarks. Analytics of Tatar Language Geography and Relevance.

12.10-13.00 Discussion: Russia Peoples’ Languages.

Irina Alekseeva, SCIT: Strategic Center for Translator Education in Russia.

Olga Ivanova, President of Union of Translators of Russia: Translation in Russia Peoples’ Languages – New Context and Opportunities.

Veronica Razumovskaya, Siberian Federal University: Translation in Siberia and about Siberia.

Interview. Participant:  Vasil Shaikhraziev, Chairman of the National Council of the world Congress of Tatars.

Danis Shakirov, First Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee of the World Congress of Tatars: Why Is there Demand for Translation to/from Tatar language? Why are Users Willing to Pay for the Product in Tatar When There’s Free Russian Alternative?

13.00-13.10 Rufia Hamidullina, Head of the Translator Team at the General Department under the Office of The President of the Republic of Tatarstan: The Tatar Language as the State Language of the Republic of Tatarstan.

13.10-13.30 Marsel Ibragimov, Deputy Director for External Relations and Innovation at the Institute of Language, Literature and Arts named after G. Ibragimov at the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan: How the Interaction Between the Russian and Tatar Literary Traditions Determines Translation: The Past, the Present, the Prospects.

13.30-13.50 Master Class. Zakhir Khasanov: Translation and Localization from/into Tatar Language in View of the National Features.

13.50-14.10 Enge Khaliullova, Vash Perevodchik: Role of Translated Products in Tourism: Brand Promotion and Tourist Attraction Through Tatar Folklore and Literature.

14.10-14.30 Interview with Niyaz IglamovSpecial Projects Supervisor at the Galiaskar Kamal Tatar State Academic Theatre: Translation, Localization, and Voice-Over of Movies and Theatre Productions from and into Tatar: The National Context.

14.30-15.00 Farhad Fatkullin, Simultaneous Interpreter, Member of Wikimedia RU: Wikipedia as a Tool for Modern Language Preservation and User Vocabulary Expansion for Customer Needs.

Nikolai Bulykin, a member of the St. Petersburg Wikimedia user group, a member of Voopiik.

15.00-15.30 Bloggers Live Broadcast. Alsu Hafiz, Leila Leron: Translation from/to Tatar Language in Mass Media.

15.30-16.00 Workshop with Tatar Language Interpreters. Farhad Fatkullin, Simultaneous Interpreter, Member of Wikimedia RU.

16.00-16.30 Danis Shakirov, First Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee of the World Congress of Tatars: Role of Tatar Language in Business and Government Relations in Interaction with Expatriate Communities Abroad.

16.30 Danis Shakirov, First Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee of the World Congress of Tatars.
Q&A Session, Closing Remarks.

16.30-17.30 Tatar Cuisine Workshop.

18.00 – 19.00
TranslationRating. Cocktail Party.

August 22, Saturday
Business Track Technology Track Language Sections

Morning coffee from TranslationRating. Networking Session.

Attention beginners!

10.00-10.20 Nikita Gusyatnikov, TRANSVERTUM: How to Write a Compelling Translator Resume.

Moderators: Anastasia Starovoytova-Intse, Pravo i Slovo, Svetlana Vasyanina, RTT.

Doug Lawrence, independent expert: Emerging E-commerce Market.

Yuka Nakasone: Japan, a Country of Contrast.

11.30-12.00 Dmitriy Pavlov, Transeller Consulting: Sales Technologies During and After Crisis.

12.00-12.40 Eugene Glebova: Emotional Intelligence for Managers.

12.40-13.10 Gleb Akimov: Asking Questions to a Notary Public: Everything Translators Wanted to Know.

13.10-13.40 Armen Stepanyan, Patent Attorney: Intellectual Property in Translation.

13.40-14.15  Conclusions for the Micro LSPs Section 

New TFR 2020 Format: Interview with session participants. Award Ceremony.

14.15-15.15 Section of In-house Translation Departments.
Moderator: Konstantin Dranch.

Nadezhda Fokina, 1C International;
Irina Rybnikova, Positive Technologies;
Olga Hergul, Sisecam;
Daria Maksimova.

Daria Minenko, Federal State Organization Gagarin Research & Test Cosmonaut Training Center:
Preparing a Translator for Work. The Example of Gagarin Research & Test Cosmonaut Training Center.

15.15-16.00 Some More on Translation as a Business

Leonid Glazychev, Logrus IT: Calculating costs properly – Something that everybody talks about, but very few know the solution.

 Irina Rybnikova, Positive Technologies.

10.00-10.25 Igor Afanasyev, Smartcat:
Not by Technology Alone. Effect of Localization on Internal Processes and Client-Contractor Relationships.

10.25-10.50 Natalya Kurysheva, Agilent Technologies: Continuous Localization DIY With Fewer Developers and Budgets.

10.50-11.10 Gary Lefman, Cisco: Large Scale Continuous Localisation Design.

 Anton Voronov, Smartcat.

11.10-12.00 Yulia Epifantseva, PROMT, Margarita Menyailova, EGO Translating: Synergy in Data and Technology for MT and Language Processing.

Moderator: Irina Rybnikova, Positive Technologies.

12.00-12.30 Dmitry Galimsky, Proficon.by: Special Aspects and Challenges of Formating for CAT Tools.

12.30-12.50 Anna Malyavina, TLTSU: Secrets of Web Search.

Yulia Akhulkova.

Julia Bitineva, Community News.

Nadezhda Fokina, 1C International: Continuous Localization: What’s Behind the Scenes?

Ekaterina Zaysteva, RJ Games: Continuous Communication in Mobile Games: Manager and Translator.

Marina Ilinykh, Playrix: Specifics of Game Content Localization by an In-House Team.

Moderator: Natalia Fedorenkova

14.00-16.00 Clash of RSI Titans: Remote Interpreting.

Ekaterina Shutova;
Anton Klevansky;
David Babayev;
Vladimir Shirocov;
Maha El-Metwally.

Participants: Interactio, Speakus.


10.00 – 11.30 
Moderator: Yaroslav Shvayko: Construction in Oil & Gas Industry and Beyond.

Kristina Titova, TENZOR: IT Translation. Choosing Right Context.

Lina Belonogova, LinguaOil: How to Become a Technical Translator.

Olga Egorova, Neolingvo: Copywriting as a New Professional Skill in Times of the Corona-Crisis.

Orlando Chiarello: Simplified Technical English.

11.30 – 13.00 Roundtable Discussion: Is Leadership Synergy Possible?
Moderator: Svetlana Svetova 

Invited: Nikolai Douplenski UTR, NLTI, MTC, SPTC, ATIT,

Nikolai Douplenski, National League of Translators and Interpreters;
Olga Ivanova, Union of Translators of Russia;
Irina Alekseeva, School of Conference Interpreting & Translation at Herzen State Pedagogical University;
Irina Ubozhenko, Higher School of Economics;
Anastasia Starovoytova-Intse, Pravo i Slovo;
Alexey Shesterikov, Awatera;
Kirill Eltsov, Omnika.

Discussion topics:
— variety of production landscapes and professional interests of the industry;
— the increasing number of professional associations with common interests and geography; 
— common sore spots and possible common grounds;             
— is general industry organization necessary or existing ones can establish synergy;
— working on occupational standards in an attempt to find common ground, lessons learnt;   
— options for cooperation.

Moderator: Ekaterina Muzrukova, BBAI.

13.00-13.20 Ekaterina Shutova, Mikhail Peregrudov, Valentin Chapanov, AIIC: First-Hand Information, Everything You Didn’t Know.

13.20-13.50 Niyaz Latypov: Protocol for Translators.

13.50-14.10 Nataliya Krasavina, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation: Interpreter’s Daily Routine: Get Ready Before You Dive.

14.10-14.30 Timofey Mineev, MFA: Slovotext.ru: Comparison of Languages Based on Batch Text Analysis.

14.30-14.50 Nataliya Klimova, Yaroslavl Translation Service, GxP Translation: Interpreting in the
Pharmaceutical Industry. Terminology and Professional Ethics During GMP Inspection.

Moderator: Yulia Akhulkova.

14.50-15.20 Evgeniya Malenova, Alba Multimedia LLC: Stiff Rules Are Fickle. Subtitling Opera.

15.20-15.40 Elena Kharchenko, STAR Group: Netflix Amazon & Co – Leave Your Mark in Movies. Translating Subtitles with Transit CAT Tool.

15.40-16.00 Aleksey Kozulyaev, RuFilms: Role of Sub-titlers in Promotion of Russian Products into Foreign Markets.

16.00 – 17.00
TranslationRating Networking.
17.00 – 17.40
Closing Plenary Session, Acknowledgements: 
Taliya Minullina, Head of Tatarstan Investment Development Agency, Government Member of the Republic of Tatarstan.