Program Committee

Elena Kislova

Business Bureau of the Association of Interpreters Chair of the TFR Organizing Committee, Ekaterinburg Email:

Alexey Shesterikov

CEO&Co-founder of AWATERA

Irina Rybnikova

Head of the User Assistance Department of Positive Technologies

Svetlana Svetova

CEO of T-Service.

Konstantin Dranch

Author of

Anastasia Starovoytova-Intse

CEO of Pravo i Slovo, lawyer, mediator

Svetlana Vasyanina

CEO of RTT translation bureau

Organizing Committee

Ekaterina Muzrukova

Work with the sponsors. Ekaterinburg Email:

Alexey Kislov

General Control. Ekaterinburg

Christina Borodina

Organization of language sections, coordination of simultaneous interpreters. Ekaterinburg

Aleksey Tolkachev

Technical support. Ekaterinburg Email:

Mikhail Anisimkov

Translator of TFR information.


Registered Name: Business Bureau of the Association of Interpreters, OOO
TIN/RCC: 6661049486/667101001
Address: 51, 8 Marta St., office 607, Ekaterinburg, 620142, Russia
Opening hours: Mondays to Fridays, 09.00 – 19.00 (Moscow time +2)
Contact Person: Raphael
Tel: +7 (343) 237 03 37 (ext.4)