How to Become a Sponsor?

     Advertising at Translation Forum Russia works very well for b2b products intended for translation companies and in-house translation and localization departments..
     The conference has also proved to be an effective promotional event for educational programs and software.
    LSPs have a wonderful opportunity to use the TFR for the purpose of promoting their services and brand, establishing new contacts with clients and partners, translators and interpreters working in various professional fields and specific industries.
     The experience of the past years shows that the forum support works as a positive factor strengthening the image of our sponsors and partners within translation and localization community.
     You may find the details of the available sponsorship opportunities on the web-page below.
Sponsorship opportunities 2019

For more information about sponsorship options and advertising, please contact Ekaterina Muzrukova:
Tel: +7 (343) 237 03 37