TFR 2021 Call for Papers!

Dear Colleagues,

We invite you to apply as a speaker for Translation Forum Russia 2021!

The key topic of the conference is High-Tech and Eternal Values.

We are waiting for your papers until April 15, 2021. If you want to apply, please, fill in the form.

Share your experience, new insights and fresh ideas with the Translation Forum Russia audience this year! 

The conference programme will last for three days in the following traditional tracks:
  • The Art of Translation: New Trends and Requirements.
  • Translation Industry.Business Track: Translation as Business and Self-Management in Translation.
  • Interpretation and Localization Technologies.
  • Language Diversity and Training of Linguists.

The programme will include topics for all categories of our participants: freelancers, corporate translators and interpreters, translation companies, universities and advanced training courses, professional associations, providers and users of translation and interpretation technologies and tools.

Translation cooperation and associations;
Translation ethics;
A, B, C for beginners;
Legal aspects of self-employment;
Customer requirements for translation and interpretation;
Audio-visual translation;
Preparation for remote interpreting (technologies and tools);
Translation psychology, time management;
Career opportunities and fast learning;
Single profile expert vs universal soldier;
Trends in interpretation evaluation.

Global translation news:  trends in the domestic and foreign market’s development;
Expansion of foreign markets;
News, mergers and acquisitions: international and Russian practices;
Platform economy in translation – forecasts and prospects;
Marketing and sales during the pandemic;
Organization of remote work, new types of services;
Motivation and personnel training, adaptation to the new reality;
Editor’s work.

The role and place of the in-house translation department: partner or support link?
Technical translation vs technical writing of documentation in different languages;
Technologies for an in-house department;
Multilingual marketing;
Personnel training, adaptation to the new reality.

Technologies at service of small translation company;
Production cost management;
Marketing and sales;
Competition as a driver for development and ethics in rivalry;
Translation in the retail market.

Advanced tools in translation and interpretation;
Digitalization of translation management processes;
AI in translation;

The Student Forum will be held under the auspices of TFR for the fourth time. This time it will be jointly organized with the Linguistics University of Nizhny Novgorod.

Burning issues will be discussed at round tables and, of course, we will be delighted to listen to your presentations during sessions on European and Oriental languages, on preservation and development of the languages of indigenous peoples of the Russian Federation. 

We are ready to discuss any of your proposals, because it is you who decide on the topics for discussion, and your presentations will make the forum vivid and precious!