STAR Group

Dear friends, STAR is our GOLD sponsor!

STAR is a leader in information management, localization, internationalization and globalization services and solutions such as
?GRIPS (Global Real Time Information Processing Solution),
?STAR CLM (Corporate Language Management)
?Transit (Translation & Localization),
?TermStar/WebTerm (Terminology Management),
?STAR MT (Corporate Machine Translation),
?STAR WebCheck (Online Translation Reviewing)
?MindReader (Authoring Assistance)
?PRISMA (Smart Content Services).

For more than 34 years, STAR has specialized in information management and publishing, multilingual processing including translation services, terminology management, software localization/internationalization, software development and multimedia systems engineering.

With more than 50 offices in 30 countries and a global network of prequalified freelance translators, STAR provides a unique combination of information management tools and services required to manage all phases of the product information life cycle.

STAR AG (STAR Group headquarters) Ramsen, Switzerland
STAR SPB, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation