TFR 2019 Presentations

Translation Forum Russia 2019 speakers’ presentations 

Plenary Session

Noel Muylle. Behind the Words.

Translation and Interpreting Track

August 23

Dmitriy Kryachkov. Survey: Did your T&I program make you employable?

August 24

Anne-Marie Colliander Lind. The market self-regulation potential.

Kim Ludvigsen, Interprefy.

Marklen Konurbaev. How to evaluate the professionalism and reputation of an interpreter? Training and retraining. Necessary or not? What are the mechanisms, methodology and instrument for evaluation and development? Presentation 1Parametrics.

August 25

Orlando Chiarello. ASD Simplified Technical English Why is this old project still so young?

Business Track

August 24 

Anne-Marie Colliander Lind and Cecilia Enbaek. What is left for us? How to survive in a small pond full of big sharks?

Sonya Biernath. Translation of Hollywood Majors to Dozens of Languages.

Will Hackett-Jones. AVT into English.

Henrick W. Johnsen. The Norwegian Model – New Standard for Audiovisual Translation.

Videos: video 1, video 2, video 3, video 4video 5video 6.

August 25

From an internal provider to a strategic business partner.

Technology Track

August 23 

Elena Kharchenko. STAR Terminology Workflow: digitalization of translation management processes.

August 24 

Tomas Franc. Concept of distributed QA and its impact on TAT.

Elke Fuchs. STAR MT Translate & integrated Terminology Search Web Application and Integration in MS Office.

Gábor Bessenyei. Compensation models for MT post-editing.

Natalia Kurysheva, Carmen Aviles. Using MT in Translation of a Website. A Story of a Customer.

August 25

Patricia Paladini Adell. Internationalization (i18n) principles and how an i18n ready software is a baseline for an Agile Localization.

Lloyd Morin. Culturalization at Playrix: From Challenges to Opportunities.

Mehmet Şahin. Embedding translation technologies into the curriculum.

Language Sections

August 25

Ludmila Devel. Сultural Heritage Conservation/Restoration: Translation Issues.