Round table discussion. Improving the Relationship between Translation Companies and Translators

Moderated by
Aleksey Shesterikov, ABBYY LS & TRAKTAT United Company (Moscow);
Nikolai Douplenski, National League of Translators (Moscow)

Is There a Possibility for Synergy? How to Defy the Negative Market Trends?


15:00 – 16:00 Visiting session of Legal Translation

Visiting session. S.S. Alekseev Museum at Lenina ave. 101 (transfer will be organized)

Section partner:
Ural State Law University

On the Issue of Legal Translation in the National Regions.
Irina Alekseeva, St. Petersburg SCIT (Saint Petersburg)

The ins and outs of specialising in legal translation.
Csilla Rostas, Across Continents Translations (Belgium)

A lawyer-cum-translator – reality or myth?
Irina Bedrina, USLU (Ekaterinburg)