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Last Chance for Early Birds

Dear colleagues, Today is the last day of the early-bird registration tariff for Translation Forum Russia 2016. With the last minute of the last day of winter, it will be changed…

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Ключевые докладчики конференции

Лидеры отрасли поделятся своим опытом и раскроют профессиональные секреты успеха.
Konstantin Dranch
St Malo


To Catch Up and Surpass UK. 5 Differences of Russian and British Translation Market

Natascha Dalügge-Momme


Challenges of Our Time. Global Relocation, Migration, Uncommon Languages

Orlando Chiarello
Somma Lombardo


Andrei Falaleyev
Monterey, CA


Simultaneous Interpretation as a Martial Art

The conference is universal in scope

And covers all the players on the market: translation suppliers and customers, managers of translation agencies and translation departments, company managers, freelance and in-house translators and interpreters, teachers and trainers, producers of CAT tools and other translation-related software, translators’ associations, government bodies, and publishers. Thematic sections are organized for each group, as well as round table and panel discussions, master classes with prominent translators, and many opportunities for discussion in interactive non-conference format.

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